It is both our belief and our policy that every person is entitled to a safe and healthful place in which to work.  Our commitment to safety starts with our executive leadership.  Safe business practices are first on the agenda for all meetings. Our employees are safety advocates at all levels – it takes committed management and worker involvement to create optimal construction industry safety.  Together we can put into practice our safety philosophy:  Zero Tolerance for Unsafe Acts or Conditions.  All management personnel maintain an active role in integrating safety in the workplace.  Our approach to every project is to realize a goal of ZERO Accidents – with the support of management at all levels our corporate culture recognizes that safety is the most important aspect of what we do.

Kenmar General Contracting has fostered a strong and encompassing safety culture throughout our company and on our job sites by  adopting an incentive program to reward positive behavior entitled “Get Caught Doing Something Right”  which has been recognized by the NAVFAC Southeast Construction Management Team of Naval Air Station, Key West, FL as an award winning innovative program.

Safety is fundamental to our mission. Excellent solutions must always be safe ones. The core values of Kenmar General Contracting, LLC are commitment, integrity, and leadership; safety is embedded in all three. The commitment we make to our customers, employees, and communities requires our activities to be safe.  Integrity demands no less. Without safe practices and outcomes, our claim to leadership in our industry would be misplaced.